Wigston Chess Club

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This section shows some interesting games played and annotated by our members. For more games, please select from the list below.

The game below is from the last round of the 4NCL tournament at Nottingham. After reaching 2.5/3 I was paired on the Sunday morning against Brandon Clarke. Brandon was a very strong junior playing for Littlethorpe around ten years ago and won the Leicestershire county championship in 2008 at the age of 12 (beating me in the last round). After several years in the US and Australia, Brandon gained the IM title and has been back playing in the UK. On this occasion I managed to pull off a big upset and beat him. This set up the final round where I was tied with Mark Hebden and John Merriman on 3.5/4, with Jonah Willow half a point behind.

I have played Jonah several times in the last couple of years. The games are always interesting and hard fought, and usually one of the last to finish. This one was no exception. The draw gave me 2nd place on 4/5, with John Merriman winning his game to take 1st with 4.5/5.