Wigston Chess Club


There are hundreds, if not thousands of chess websites on the internet. Here is a selection of the most important/ most useful resources on the net:

Leicestershire & Rutland Chess Association

The website for the county chess - league tables, fixtures, clubs, gradings, etc. Frequently updated.


A magazine for the major events in the world of chess - it's a good way to keep up-to-date with what's going on.

Chess 24

This has excellent live video coverage of top tournaments. You can also play online and also check out the tactics trainer. You have to register, but most of the content is free.

New in Chess Online Games Database

You don't need Chessbase database and Mega DVD software to research your opening theory ; here is an online version that is free and updated weekly. It uses the NIC classification rather than Informator which is more relevant and much more detailed. There is a tree of variations which is easy to use with result statistics with the ability to download the relevant games. Fantastic.

The Week in Chess

A free weekly download of games from around the world to add to your database.

English Chess Federation

The website of the ECF, the governing body of chess in England. It includes a useful calendar of tournaments.


The club doesn’t enter the national chess league but several members play for other teams in it.