Wigston Chess Club

2014/15 Results, Fixtures and Tables

Summer cup results 2015

Wigston 1 finish 4th in Wylie Cup

Wigston 1 finish 5th in Harrod Cup

Wigston 1 lose in 1st rounds of Chapman and Birstall Cups

Final league positions 2014/15

1st team win Division 1.

2nd team finish 3rd in Division 1.

3rd team finish 5th in Division 2.

4th team finish 2nd in Division 4.

5th team finish  4th in Division 5.

6th team win in Division 6.

Full details are on the LRCA archive.

Player Statistics 2014/15

Neil has put together a detailed analysis of the results from last season:

League tables

League results

Player of the year

Summer cup results

Summer cups analysis

1st team analysis

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3rd team analysis

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4th team analysis

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5th team analysis

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6th team analysis

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