Wigston Chess Club

Message from Ben Vaughan

As a member of Wigston Chess Club for my 7th year, I will now be taking a leave of absence whilst my Wife and I have a baby. I would just like to put on record my thanks to Wigston Chess Club for it's support during my time with the club.

It seems a long time since my first friendly game against Phil Watkinson but with the support of practically all it's members past and present, Wigston Chess club has helped me develop as a player and more importantly, as a person. I owe so many people so may thank yous: -

Andy and Neil - For their support on and off the board, in particular with Captaincy and those damned barred player rules!

Phil's Horspool and Harlow, Alan's Byron and Ward and Martin - For their support in friendly/doubles games and putting up with my poor moves and not laughing too much! Also for the snippets of analysis that helped my game a lot.

Barrie and John - For the countless friendly games that we've played!

Nik, Charles, Stuart and Paul Winterton - For the hundreds of times I've asked you guys to pick players up, driven them around the County and you've never said no!

Frank Hulford - For just being you, Frank!

I have made so many friends at the club and I will be back one day!

See you all soon

Ben Vaughan